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Introduction to Management and Leadership

Introduction to Management and Leadership

Introduction to Management and Leadership

Bachelor Management Innovation et Humanités

40 hours
5 ECTS credits

Aims and Summary

The aim of this Introduction to Management and Leadership class is to facilitate students’ knowledge of business. The difference between management and leadership will be emphasized throughout the lectures and seminars to help students develop self-understanding.

They will build managerial skills and learn how to foster team spirit and develop strong organizational culture in their future place of work.

The objective is that through all the concepts and models studied, the participants will be able to develop a good awareness of their managerial profile and come away with a toolbox of professional skills.

Intended Module Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Evaluate the role and impact of management and leadership within an organisation.
  2. Develop team building skills and consider the value of employee participation and empowerment within an organisational context.
  3. Analyse the various management and leadership concepts and tools which can be used during change management and crisis situations.
  4. Assess how individual and group work can enhance creativity.

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