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Business Management

Business Management

Business Management

Bachelor Management Innovation et Humanités

40 hours
5 ECTS credits

Aims and Summary

The emphasis of this Management class is to make students aware of the scope of Business Management highlighting the human side but also a more operational approach.

This class is dedicated to show a strong compelling example to learners. The objective is that through all the concepts and models studied, the participants will be able to draft their own toolbox.

The realm of the activities included in Management will cover all the topics from Organisational Behaviour to Business Ethics.

Intended Module Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate key principles and practices related to the management of people within organisations.
  2. Assess, critically evaluate, and apply a range of tools and techniques that can support decision making within a business context.
  3. Demonstrate self-awareness, self-reflection, and competence in responding to ‘typical’ business situations presented within a variety of case studies.
  4. Critically assess how individual and group work can enhance creativity and innovation within the workplace.

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