[Master] Tour des solutions 2014

The movement of social entrepreneurs is organizing this year a tour in several big cities in France in order to rise awareness about the concept, to create and animate a network and encourage social innovations. The student of the institute’s master degree as future entrepreneurs were there.


Relatively unknown from the public, social entrepreneurship is presented by many as one of the best solution to our nowadays crisis. Taking care of dependent people, fighting against exclusions and unemployment, producing green energies… Always seeking for innovative solutions, social entrepreneurs are therefore responding to society’s challenges today in terms of environment but also in economy.

Indeed, social company’s aim to have a positive impact on society and then tend to create more employment than usual and distribute wealth more equitably by producing more responsibly.


Going to this fair was a great experience for all the students. In fact, it allowed them to have a better understanding of the concept of social entrepreneurs by meeting them during conferences and hearing their different experiences. Moreover, their experiences were even more interesting because they were all from different backgrounds and at different steps of the construction of their company.

This gave them a global understanding of the entrepreneurial process. They also took part in a workshop to try to act like real social entrepreneurs to find and propose concrete solutions to main society concerns.

The organizer offered two themes: “how to help elders to integrate more in the society” and “how to reduce citizen’s energy consumption”. Moreover this was a great opportunity for them to meet real entrepreneurs and to improve their professional network but also to get the institute known somehow.

Maxime Asnar,  Master Manager et Entreprendre pour une Economie Positive .



Publication: octobre 16, 2014

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