Guest Lecture Master : Xavier Rivoire, Head of Decathlon corporate communication

Tall, short hair, wearing jean and red-blue shirt, Xavier Rivoire came from Lille last Tuesday to encounter the master degree students of the Institute and talked about his enriching Professional experience.

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But who is he exactly?

Xavier Rivoire is an ancient student of Sainte-Marie Lyon with a diversified formation. Launched in the student life, Xavier Rivoire went to Grenoble to study Political Science and completed his formation at Berkeley University in the United States. Then he came back to France to get a master degree in communication at Sorbonne in Paris and finally got a degree in Journalism in Lille.
Today at the head of Corporate Communication at Decathlon, he started his carrier on the radio working for the BBC in London, for Eurosport and then as a correspondent for L’Equipe in Europe. Xavier Rivoire came to testify not only on his professional experience but more on the lessons he learnt during his life.

What did he learn from his experiences?

Xavier Rivoire told us the story of his human growth, a long and hard path but he described it as THE way to access fulfilment. First lesson, we have to BE and not to appear. We cannot find happiness by being someone else. We have to assume what we are: our values, our judgment. We don’t have to hide ourselves behind a mask. More consistent is our behaviour, stronger we are.
Second lesson, we continuously have to nourish our spirit by encounters but also by readings. And on that part, we have to interest ourselves on subjects, which don’t attract us at first. The aim is to enrich our horizon.
“Actions speak louder than words” that is the last words Xavier Rivoire let us to remind. On those words he left us to go back to Lille to pursue his own work.


Publication: janvier 30, 2015

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