MME Gawad Kalinga – social entrepreneurship

Three entrepreneurs from the Gawad Kalinga foundation came to meet 1st year Master Management and Entrepreneurship for a Positive Economy students from the MADE iN Sainte Marie Institute to share their experience and discuss about their vision of the world. This foundation is looking to eradicate poverty by 2024 for 5 million families in the Philippines thanks to different actions, all based on social entrepreneurship and collective intelligence.

Camille Meloto, the founder’s daughter, has created Human nature : a range of beauty products made out of local materials. Fabien Courteille is developing a new company selling toys shaped as fruit and vegetables made by Filipino mothers. Louis Faure is currently developping a new way to raise organic chicken.

These three young entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and firmly believe that it is possible to make the world a better place. One of the outcomes of the afternoon was the importance of acting together in order to get things done and move forward.


Article : Elizabeth MASSON

Publication: décembre 9, 2015

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