Chaire Master – Project Management

First year students of the Master Management and Entrepreneurship for a Positive Economy have delivered the first “Chaire Master” of the year 2015.  This two hours conference was about Project Management during which the students pointed out the three main constraints of Project Management: Time, Scope and Objectives.

First and through a play, they showed the audience how innovation is important in the Project Management process. With a concrete example in the kitchen of a restaurant, they identified different difficulties that can raise in a team when launching a project such as communication, leadership and trust. It is also essential to know the market framework in order to implement a sustainable project and to share tasks.

Then they presented the phases developed in the Tuckman’s teamwork theory. According to this researcher born in 1938, there are four phases of a project team cycle: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. These stages are helpful to understand some keys of “group dynamics” and especially team building.

Finally different 3rd year Bachelor students fom the audience were brought face to face in the game “Golden Class” which recapped what was said during the conference in a participative and entertaining way. The aim was to find different responses of a panel of 100 people to questions concerning Project Management.

Stay tuned for the next “Chaire Master” !

Article : Philippine Thomas

Publication: novembre 4, 2015

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