Total’s Energetic transition related by Mr.Villote

On November 17, MADE iN students met Edouard Villotte – General Secretary of Total ACS Givors – this meeting offered students an incredible opportunity to identify and understand the issues of one of the five largest oil companies in the world with 100,000 employees: TOTAL

It was around the age of 23 that Mr. Villotte joined Total as IT engineer trainee. Thanks to his dexterity and self-sacrifice, he obtains a permanent contract to evolve in the financial sector of the company. His open-mindedness and willingness to evolve abroad, allow him to work four years of his life in Russia and Mexico. Father of family, he is now based in Lyon.

The strong demographic growth, explains the strong energy demand that the oil companies must satisfy while considering the oil reserves, estimated at about twenty years. The group, while satisfying the demand, must adapt itself to the new modes of consumption, inspired by government initiatives such as COP21. Total wants to position itself as the leader in this energy transition in order to limit the increase in temperature, by focusing on the energy mix: less coal, in favour of gas and a greater share of renewable energy production.


“Meeting the needs of a growing population

Moderate the impact of climate change

Respond to changing customer expectations”



The speaker was able to arouse the curiosity of many MADE iN students. These have been clarified on an industry that is often controversial and criticized, but which seems to take the challenge of the energy transition very seriously in desiring to obtain encouraging results by 2030.


Thomas Jubin, third-year student in BSc in Management and Development

Publication: novembre 22, 2017

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